At OCTAEVO we only use paper certified by both FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). These dual certifications ensure that the virgin paper fibreer is responsibly sourced and processed. The FSC brand identifies products from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. This ensures that our paper comes from forests managed by people who care about maintaining the forest eco-system and long-term health.


    We try to avoid heavy ink and coating coverage. This decreases the amount of sludge generated from the recycling process, which is difficult to dispose of. We favour vegetable and water-based inks. They contain less VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) solvents than traditional petroleum-based inks. They are easier to clean up and to de-ink, which makes the printed product simpler to recycle. Sometimes a product needs to be made more durable than others. We have to admit that sometimes we like to add a little touch of shine. If we use metallic ink, we only apply them very sparingly on tiny areas, for example, our logo on the back of the Navigator Notes.


    It is important to us to know what printers do with the chemicals they use in the manufacturing process. Do they simply put them down the drain? Or do they recycle and re-use them to the extent that the latest technology permits? We only work with providers that use nontoxic solvents and additives on press and are part of an ink recycling and recovery program. Therefore virtually nothing harmful goes down the drain. And as we support local vendors and suppliers, our products don't travel far – reducing shipping costs or postage, while saving fuel, emissions and time.