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Welcome to the Mediterranean
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Our story

This project started with my family album. Images of my father in his late 20s, working on the high sea surrounded by the wind and the waves. Black and white memories of him deep sea diving and exploring the unknown. The sea was his passion and his stories were full of adventures. 

From my mother I have inherited many hours of Super 8 footage, documenting her family trips in the early 60s. The jet-age was just about to change the world, and we see them traveling along the Mediterranean coast from Rome to Athens, Beirut until Tel Aviv... idyllic captions of a time long past.

With the inherited passion for the sea, history and traveling, I wanted to combine all these elements in a brand that captures the esscence of an area that I call my home - the Mediterranean. Fascinated by its vivid colours, ancient philosophy and mysterious myths, my products are designed to take you on an inspiring voyage. Let the journey begin.

Marcel Baer
Founder and Creative Director